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The Robinson Range project, approximately 120km north of Meekatharra, in Western Australia, is prospective for iron ore and manganese.

Robinson Range's proximity to Jack Hills and Weld Range means that any economic Mineral Resource confirmed at Robinson Range could be transported using the same rail and port infrastructure available to transport Weld Range and Jack Hills ore.

SMC signed a historic Heritage Agreement with the Jidi Jidi Aboriginal Corporation in November 2008. This agreement reflects the company's strong commitment to working with local Indigenous groups to ensure that its projects are developed in a sustainable and culturally acceptable manner.

The company will be evaluating the opportunities to develop a small scale manganese mining operation using the existing infrastructure at Geraldton Port.

SMC has also purchased the iron ore rights from Montezuma Mining Company Limited, based in an area known for its hematite iron ore, which will add to the company's hematite project at Robinson Range.
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