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Community Relations Policy
SMC understands that maintaining the support of the communities in which we operate is crucial to the success of our current and future operations.
Through building strong relationships with people in these communities we seek to better understand their needs, minimise negative impacts and work towards sustainable, win-win outcomes.

SMC invests in community initiatives through our ‘Resourcing the Region’ Sponsorship Program which focusses on four key areas: strengthening the local community; increasing opportunities for young people; improving the health of the environment and supporting Indigenous interests.

We encourage our employees to be involved in the community through activities such as volunteering and participation in local events.

Following are our four SMC Core Principles we commit to:

Enable People

  • Provide our communities with timely and relevant information
  • Actively seek feedback on our plans and operations and discuss issues and opportunities honestly
  • Encourage local community participation through employment and business opportunities

Seek Excellence

  • Measure and report our social performance and set goals to continually improve
  • Include social risk analysis before undertaking major activities or decisions which could impact the communities we operate in
  • Strive for innovative, sustainable outcomes for communities

Act with Integrity

  • Consider the potential implications of SMC activity on communities and incorporate a win-win outcome in the decision making
  • Deliver on promises made to stakeholder communities
  • Track and report commitments and progress made

Be Socially Responsible

  • Partner with our communities through the Resourcing the Region Program to deliver mutually beneficial outcomes
  • Engage in dialogue with our communities to better  understand their needs and expectations
  • Provide opportunities for and actively encourage our employees to contribute to our local communities

Through the guidance of this policy, SMC will ensure that our relationships with communities are based on transparency, trust and meaningful contribution.

Download a PDF of the SMC Community Relations Policy here.
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