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Blue Hills Mungada East Expansion PER Documents
Blue Hills Mungada East Expansion PER Document

Blue Hills Mungada East Expansion PER Technical Appendices

Appendix A

ESD Blue Hills East Expansion

Appendix B

Compliance Checklist ESD
Consideration of Relevant Policies Listed in ESD

Appendix C

Amenity: Ecoscape 2016b
Flora and Vegetation: Bennett 2004
Flora and Vegetation: ecologia 2007a
Flora and Vegetation: Ecologia 2008a
Flora and Vegetation: Ecologia 2008b
Flora and Vegetation: Ecologia 2013
Flora and Vegetation: Maia 2011a
Flora and Vegetation: Maia 2011b
Flora and Vegetation: Maia 2012
Flora and Vegetation: Maia 2014a
Flora and Vegetation: Maia 2014b
Flora and Vegetation: Maia 2015a
Flora and Vegetation: Maia 2015b
Flora and Vegetation: Maia 2016
Flora and Vegetation: Maia 2016 Appendix 10
Flora and Vegetation: Markey and Dillon 2008
Flora and Vegetation: Woodman 2008a
Flora and Vegetation: Woodman 2012
Flora and Vegetation: Two way table and dendogram
Heritage: Terra Rosa 2011a
Heritage: Terra Rosa 2011b
Hydrological Processes: Rockwater 2006
Rehabilitation and Closure: Kings Park Project Annual Report 2015
Rehabilitation and Closure: Kings Park Project Annual Report 2016
Rehabilitation and Closure: SMC Restoration Research Plan
Rehabilitation and Closure: MBS-2015
Rehabilitation and Closure: SRK-2015
Subterranean Fauna: Bennelongia 2015a
Subterranean Fauna: Bennelongia 2015b
Subterranean Fauna: Ecologia 2008d
Subterranean Fauna: Ecologia 2008e
Terrestrial Fauna: Bamford and Wilcox 2004
Terrestrial Fauna: Bancroft and Bamford 2006
Terrestrial Fauna: Ecologia 2007b
Terrestrial Fauna: Ecologia 2008c
Terrestrial Fauna: Ecologia 2010
Terrestrial Fauna: Ecologia 2011a
Terrestrial Fauna: Ecologia 2011b
Terrestrial Fauna: Ecologia 2012a
Terrestrial Fauna: Ecologia 2012a
Terrestrial Fauna: Ecoscape 2016a

Appendix D

Aboriginal Heritage Management Plan
Blue Hills Mungada East Expansion EMP V2

Appendix E

SMC Mungada East Expansion MCP V1

Appendix F

Amenity: Peer review of Visual Impact Assessment Report ecoscape 2016
Amenity - Close Out Report: Part 1
Amenity - Close Out Report: Part 2
Flora and Vegetation: Ecologia 2007a
Flora and Vegetation: Peer Review Close out Report Greg Woodman
Flora and Vegetation: Assessment Report Maia 2016 Peer review of Level 2
Landforms: Close out report Kar Heinz Wyrwoll
Landforms: Peer review of Landform Chapter of PER document
Landforms: TE14025 EIA Benchmarking Report Submitted
Rehabilitation and Decommissioning: Peer Review Terms of Reference
Rehabilitation and Decommissioning: Peer review of SMC Rehabilitation and Restoration Project Summary Report
Rehabilitation and Decommissioning: Close Out Report Greg Woodman
Rehabilitation and Decommissioning: SMC Project Summary Report
SMC Response to Peer Review Comments

Appendix G

Clusters and individual names of BIF Landforms
GIS Methodology Landform

Appendix H

EPBC Offsets Calculator Acacia
EPBC Offsets Calculator Lepidosperma

Appendix I

Compliance Letter OEPA
DER Compliance Report Nov 2014
DMP 2015
MS-811 Compliance Assessment Report November 2015

Appendix J

EPA Checklist for Marine and Terrestrial
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