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At SMC we are committed to work with all Aboriginal People inclusively and with respect.
SMC accepts that:

  • Aboriginal People have strong cultural connections to the land and sea
  • Our mining operations have the potential to impact on traditional Aboriginal People, country and culture
  • Our relationship with Aboriginal People is critical to enable assets to be developed and enhanced for future generations
  • Trust is the key to a strong relationship and comes from the alignment of promises and actions

SMC will support local Aboriginal Peoples’ interests through adherence to our Core Principles in the following ways:
Enable People

  • Involvement¬† though appropriate and timely consultation in SMC matters which have the potential to impact them significantly
  • Facilitate employment and contracting opportunities to support economic independence
  • Support education & training to build capacity and work-readiness
  • Ensure Aboriginal culture and history is understood and valued through the provision of cross-cultural training to our employees and contractors

Seek Excellence

  • Ensure best practice systems are in place to prevent unplanned disturbance of Aboriginal heritage sites
  • Work  together to build capacity within local indigenous communities through our Resourcing the Region investment program
  • Monitor, measure and continually improve performance of these principles

Act with Integrity

  • Negotiate win-win outcomes in matters relating to significant local cultural sites and practices
  • Deliver on commitments made to Aboriginal groups and communities
  • Act with transparency & fairness in our interactions with Aboriginal people and groups

Be Socially Responsible

  • Advocate increased understanding and appreciation of local Aboriginal culture
  • Respectfully participate in and celebrate Aboriginal Australian events
  • Encourage our stakeholders¬† to make decisions that benefit and advance Aboriginal people

Download a PDF of the SMC Aboriginal Respect Policy here.

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