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SMC Corporation Limited (SMC) shares the community's desire to both develop resources and protect and preserve the environment.

All SMC activities will meet statutory requirements as a minimum standard and be planned and performed so that adverse effects on the environment are either avoided or appropriately managed.

In fulfilling this policy, SMC will:
  1. Establish a set of policies, objectives and commitments for all activities;
  2. Identify its legal environmental responsibilities and comply with all applicable laws and regulations;
  3. Develop and apply responsible environmental management where laws and regulations do not exist;
  4. Assess potential environmental impacts before conducting new activities;
  5. Institute a management system that, among other aspects, identifies environmental responsibilities for all its employees and contractors;
  6. Design and implement a system of work procedures and training programs that will encourage respect for the environment and the prevention of pollution and enable employees and contractors to identify and fulfill their environmental responsibilities;
  7. Implement monitoring and auditing systems that will ensure the company's environmental commitments and objectives are being achieved; and
  8. Develop and foster a corporate culture that encourages continuous improvement in environmental performance.

Click here to download the SMC's Environmental Policy.

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